Timo Grosche

Hello, I am Timo Grosche.

I am a IT Expert from Dresden. This website is written in English. My mother tongue is of course German.
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Start ups and big customers

I am a developer of passion. I have specialized in iOS development. I often work with start ups. Of course, I also carry out projects with large customers in my work. Nevertheless, I find working with start ups more interesting.


I attended secondary school until 2013. Computer science has been a passion of mine for a long time. I completed my training at Telekom by 2016. After that I joined Wildstyle Network. Due to the great team and the interesting start-up projects, I am still part of the team today.


In my 5 years as an IT specialist I got to know many new things and I also like to get involved with new challenges. That is why I can now show broad competence.

iOS Development

I started my career with Objective C. After 2014 Swift was released, I wrote most applications in the latest Swift version.

Website Development

Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP are no foreign words for me. I started adapting and editing finished websites. Sometimes these websites had a CMS system like Drupal or Wordpress. Of course it is more fun to develop a project from the ground up. That is why I have now also realized projects with a completely new development.

Architecture & Algorithm

To develop large systems, you need a good architecture. In the interaction with my startups, I have designed the appropriate frameworks there. Furthermore, of course, smart algorithms are necessary to build future-oriented software.


With each of my startups I have learned a lot. Important parts of this were making presentations for investors and building a framework for various tools. Now I have developed the right workflows to turn a startup into a company.


Administration is a big term. I have been busy troubleshooting computers and servers. I know about Backend as a Service Systems, like Skygear. I have deployed and configured this open source system on an Amazon AWS infrastructure. Furthermore I write plugins for this system in python.


Of course you can't develop great apps without interest in UI and UX. I am very familiar with SketchApp and use it regularly for new designs of my apps.

Project management and team leadership

Since some years I use Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) products to manage projects. I manage an international team of several people. Of course, our communication language is English. I define processes and procedures for software and also for working together.

Let's talk about my projects

Of course I have many projects at work. That's not good enough. I want to improve and get to know new things. That's why I do a lot of private projects. I've put together a small selection for you.
Timo Grosche Dimmil
Dimmil - Your helper in need
In developing countries there are problems in emergency situations every day. Sometimes there are no emergency numbers or the arrival of helpers takes too long. For this we have developed Dimmil. My Co-Founder Victor has a B.A. from New York University and is on site in Nigeria to test our product. He is from a developing country, so he has the perfect overview of the situations. Together with my technical expertise from Germany we form the perfect founding team.
Timo Grosche Kids Story
Kids Story - Just listen to it
With Kids Story every child can have a story read to them. This project has taken me to my limits and beyond. Bringing a kids app to the iOS Store is truly the ultimate discipline. We developed our own tracking, our own AI algorithms, etc. The backend consists of highly secure PHP scripts and the app is 100% Swift. It is hosted by Cloudways AWS and Google.
At Kids Story authors upload their stories in text form and these are then converted into different people and different languages. This technology is state of the art. This quality impresses even experienced IT experts.
Timo Grosche WePlace
WePlace - Marketing Different
Our vision is to offer every creator of digital products, from eBooks to online courses, a completely new and effective way of monetizing his works, and at the same time giving advertisers the opportunity to profitably market their products and services. WePlace should be the point of contact for everyone who offers digital products and services and wants to market them effectively.
I have now sold my shares and will dedicate myself to my other projects. I wish the WePlace team all the best for the future.
Timo Grosche Omnicron
Omnicron - The easy way to shop
I have been working with a startup team from Bonn for several months now. I am responsible for the complete technology. We have an exciting backend system and many interfaces to payment providers. That's why security is at the top of the list for this project. We have built various technologies into the app, from the camera to Bluetooth.
Timo Grosche Buber App
With Buber you will find the best event for you
From the idea to the finished platform. I'm co-founder of Buber. Buber is an app with which every user can view events according to his interests. For everyone it is easy to create events. Buber runs on an Amazon AWS structure. I configured the backend and wrote plugins. Furthermore I wrote the website and the app. I also did a good job with the design.
Timo Grosche Polizeibericht Dresden
Polizeibericht Dresden
Great news from Polizeibericht Dresden
On 18.04.2016 the application went through the App Store review. It took 2 months for the application to finally reach version 1. The application was written in Swift 2 and later converted to Swift 3. The app used PHP interfaces from an external developer. Unfortunately, the project was discontinued for lack of time.
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